VP Commercial

Doug Schattinger

Pioneer Athletics 

Doug Schattinger is the President of Pioneer Athletics, a manufacturer of athletic field marking paints and striping machines. Since joining Pioneer in 1997, Doug has been committed to evolving the sports turf coatings industry. Through vigorous research and collaboration with industry partners, Doug’s vision for more environmentally responsible and durable athletic field paints is becoming a reality.

Doug actively supports numerous industry organizations at the national, state and local levels and has served on the board of directors for a handful of groups, including STMA’s SAFE Foundation.

Doug resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Lisa and son Ben and is an avid curler, spending much of the long Midwest winters on the ice. 

 Vision for STMA
The STMA is the leading advocate for sports turf professionals, academics, and industry partners who strive to create and maintain high-performing, safe, and environmentally responsible athletic fields. My goal is to help enhance research and information sharing in order to provide sports turf managers the tools they need to maintain first-rate athletic fields at every level of sport. Also, I believe that the STMA must continue to reach out to communities and facilities and promote the professional knowledge sports turf managers can provide.

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