Synthetic Field Resources

A Guide to Synthetic and Natural Turfgrass for Sports Fields - Selection, Construction and Maintenance Considerations

Synthetic Field Safety
How to Measure and Manage Surface Hardness on Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields - Penn State's Center for Sports Surface Research
Synthetic Turf: Is adding a synthetic field the answer? - Cornell University
Synthetic Turf Injury Studies - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf Health and Environmental Impacts - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf Surface Temperature - Penn State University
Review of the Impacts of Crumb Rubber in Artificial Turf Applications
The Use of Recycled Tire Materials on Playgrounds & Artificial Turf Fields - Exposure Research from the EPA
Survival of Staphylococcus aureus on Synthetic Turf - Penn State Univeristy
Evaluation of Playing Surface Characteristics of Various Infilled Systems - Penn State University 
Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces  
Surface Temperature of Synthetic Turf - Penn State University
Understanding Gmax - Penn State University
Sports Turf Injury Research - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf and Staph Infections - Cause for Concern?
- Penn State University

Synthetic Turf Council

STC Response to NBC National News Story on Health Effects of Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf (Web site)


STC Response to NBC National News Story on Health Effects of Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf (Press release)

Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces - The EPA conducted a limited, “scoping study” of artificial-turf playing fields and playgrounds constructed with recycled tire material. The Press Release outlines results that conclude concentrations of materials that made up tire crumb were below levels considered harmful. The EPA will use this information to determine the next steps to address questions regarding the safety of tire crumb infill on recreational fields. 

Guidelines for Crumb Rubber Infill Used in Synthetic Turf Fields

Synthetic Turf Research at Penn State University

Overview of Research on Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Field Education Featured at STMA National Conferences:
2015 - Your Synthetic Turf Field From Conception to Grave - Michael Tarantino, CSFM, Jim Cornelius, CSFM
2015 - Synthetic Turf: No Maintenance Required? - Troy Carson
2014 - Reuse, Repurpose- Where's my synthetic going? – Chuck Klafka
2014 - Synthetic In-fill: Compaction and Advancement in Relief Options – Chad Price, CSFM, CFB, Jason Sentell
2014 - Replacing your Synthetic Infill Playing Surface – Darian Daily
2013 - STMA 210 - Synthetic Turf: What to Do When The Warranty Runs Out David Schlotthauer 
2013 - STMA 300 - Tackling the Issues with Synthetic Turf - What Does the Research Say? Thomas Serensits
2013 - STMA 310 - Tale of Two Fields; Synthetic vs. Natural Joshua Bertrand
2012 - Synthetic Turf: Concept, Design, Construction, Completion, Maintenance, and Lifecycle Planning ; Session Manual  - Mark Nicholls
2012 - A Realistic Review of Maintenance Practices for Synthetic Turf Fields - Mark Lucas
2012 - Synthetic Turf Removal, Reclamation, and Recycling  - Zach Burns
2012 - Sustainable Athletic Fields and Related Environmental Issues - Patrick Maguire, David Nardone
2012 - Artificial Turf Painting and Removal - Grant Davisson
2011 - Infill Maintenance from the Beginning  - Shawn Mahonski
2011 - Synthetic Turf Baseball Fields: The Pros, Cons, and Maintenance of Next Generation Artificial Robert Ralston

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The Fundamentals of Project Management
'Lessons Learned': Peer Advice on the Management of Synthetic Sports Fields
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