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- Scholarships, grants, Field of the Year & Founders applications and nominations due

The STMA Awards and the SAFE Grants and Scholarship program converge on Oct. 15. That is the deadline to submit applications to be considered for an award, grant or scholarship, or to nominate someone.
Field of the Year applications are filled out by a member seeking to win an award for their baseball, football, softball, soccer or sporting ground field. Go here to fill out an application and find the information required to submit. 

SAFE offers three grants:

1. The Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant is for a member who worked as an intern in the preceding spring or summer season. This grant is to help an intern offset up to $1,000 in costs he/she incurred while interning, such as transportation, lodging, improve wages, etc.
2. The Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant presented by Turface is to help fund a practicing sports field manager's attendance at the annual STMA Conference and Exhibition. All members of an STMA affiliated chapter are eligible to win, and must be nominated through a letter of recommendation by a national STMA Member.
3. The Leo Goertz Grant presented by Pioneer funds up to seven two-year memberships for non-STMA members.

Information on how to apply for these grants can be found here

The STMA's highest honors, Founders Awards, are peer nominated. Read here about the significance of Harry Gill and Dr. William Daniels to STMA, and how George Toma and Dick Ericson continue to impact the association.

The Leo Goertz Grant presented by Pioneer has been redesigned to help you nominate a non-STMA sports field manager or crew member for a national membership. Just provide brief contact information: name, facility, email or phone, and write a few sentences about why you think this person would benefit from membership. Or, a non-member can self-nominate.

Please fill out this form to nominate a person, or forward this information to anyone who would benefit from a membership in STMA. This is an excellent way to bring networking and educational opportunities to chapter members. The deadline is Oct. 15.

This SAFE grant funds up to seven two-year memberships in STMA and all qualifying submittals will be entered into a random drawing.

Hitting Conservation Targets with Minimum Compromise
Speaker: Jack Karlin – Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance
Thursday, September 21 at 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Conservation goals are a reality for municipal sports field managers across the US. Meeting those goals means balancing the safety and playability of the fields with the pressures to reduce water use. Drought tolerant turf and water budgeting tools created specifically to calculate annual water requirements for drought tolerant turf allow managers to help set realistic goals AND maintain the field quality their communities require.

Register for the Webinar

To access recorded webinars, click here.

As a national member of STMA, you automatically receive a subscription to SportsTurf magazine -- either digital or printed -- your choice.

However, STMA also provides a subscription to SportsTurf for every chapter member, regardless of national membership, if STMA receives that information from chapters. Starting in September, chapter administrators will be able to forward a link to their chapter members to insure they are on the subscription list to receive a printed copy of the magazine. This electronic process will virtually eliminate any lag time between sign up and delivery. It will also free up the chapter administrators from having to provide a list each month of new or renewed members to headquarters.

Chapter administrators can request a list of their subscribers any time from SportsTurf so that they know who is receiving a copy of the monthly magazine.

Have you heard about our Topgolf Event coming to the 2018 Conference in Fort Worth, TX? Are you slightly confused as to what Topgolf is? Maybe unsure of how it even works?

Don’t worry, we kind of were too. So that’s why STMA HQ staff took a quick field trip to the Topgolf Kansas City location and “researched” for our membership.

With the help of the lovely Topgolf staff, we were settled into our bay within no time after checking in. A staff member walked us through the process, how to set up our game and gave recommendations for clubs. The bay area gives you plenty of space to spread out and kick back while others are swinging. Accompanied by an assortment of clubs for both left and right-handed players, we were able to try out them all. Even better? There’s no fee for club rental!

Since some of us had never played golf before, we were thankful that Topgolf does all the scoring for us with their golf ball microchip technology. It’s simple! You hit the ball, and within seconds of it landing, the screen shows you your driving distance, which target you hit and how many points you made. This gave us more time to check out the menu, try out some libations and talk a little smack. A couple hours of play later, the verdict was in: some of us excelled, and some of us repeatedly whiffed. But that’s the thing with Topgolf, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because it’s a great time either way.

Want to see us in action? Check out the video diary of our trip here.

We had so much fun and are so excited for our members to be able to try it out too! Make sure to sign up for the SAFE Foundation’s Topgolf Event when you register for the 2018 Conference. It will take place on Tuesday, January 16th from 12:00-3:00pm. Additional fee is required. 

Each month two speakers presenting at the 2018 National STMA Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas will be featured. Don't miss the educational opportunities offered at the conference!

John Mascaro is the President of Turf-Tec International in Tallahassee, Florida. On Thursday, January 18, he will be presenting, "John Mascaro's Photo Quiz Comes Alive".

John Mascaro's Photo Quiz article has appeared monthly in Golf Course Management Magazine since September 2002 and SportsTurf Magazine since 2006. The live version of the Photo Quiz is an interactive presentation with questions on what caused a turfgrass problem and answers that tell what the problem was and how it was solved. The Photo Quiz is a favorite feature in the magazines and the live version is a real audience pleaser as it shows "the rest of the story".


Patrick McGuiness is a Partner at Zlimen and McGuiness, Attorneys at Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota. On Wednesday, January 17, he will be presenting "Facility Liability and Lawsuit Prevention."

Property damage and injuries happen every day at facilities across the world. Athletes, spectators, coaches, and people passing through, can all make claims against your organization and insurance company for injuries received. However, you can take steps to reduce your exposure and make your facility safer for everyone.

Attendees will learn to do the following:
1. Understand the concept of liability and why it impacts facility management, safety, and lawsuits.
2. Identify liability issues and concerns at your facilities which may negatively impact your operations.
3. Reduce these issues through a comprehensive approach to reducing facility liability.

The Student Challenge is presented in partnership with the SAFE Foundation, Founding Partner Hunter Industries, and supporting sponsor Ewing. Each year students from 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities across the country compete in an exam that challenges knowledge in the sports turf industry. The winning teams receive a cash award, a plaque, and medallions for each team member. The prize money benefits the institution's turf program and creates opportunities for students pursuing a career in sports turf management. The Study Guide for the 2018 STMA Student Collegiate Challenge is now available online! Please be sure to thoroughly review the Study Guide in preparation for the exam. CLICK HERE to access the Study Guide.

The 2018 contest will take place Thursday, January 18 from 2-4:30 pm at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration for the Student Challenge opens on October 1, so start thinking about your team now! A maximum of four undergraduates can compete on a team and must declare if they are representing a two-year or four-year institution. Competitors receive complimentary conference registration. If you are not a member, you must include your dues payment with registration. All Student Challenge competitors are REQUIRED to register online before December 15. No paper registration forms will be accepted. You can send in a paper form to register for optional events. Please contact Kristen Althouse at with questions about the Student Challenge.

As a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement, STMA's Innovative Awards Task Group developed a program to recognize STMA commercial member companies that improve the sports turf management profession. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your ideas!

What is it:
The Innovative Awards Program recognizes those commercial company members that have developed a product, service, equipment or technology that substantially enhances the effectiveness of the Sports Turf Manager. The innovation could also make the playing surfaces safer and more playable for the athletes.


• Must be a Commercial Member and exhibiting at the upcoming STMA Annual Conference and Exhibition
• Allowed to submit one entry annually
• Company must display the innovation in its booth
• Have introduced innovation for sale within a two-year period
• Should substantially enhance the effectiveness of the sports turf manager and/or make the surfaces safer and more playable for athletes


Winner(s) will be kept confidential until announced during the first day of the STMA Trade Show. Winner(s) will be able to use the special innovative award logo in their promotion of the winning product, service, technology or equipment and will receive an award to display. STMA will publicize the winners through its communication vehicles, STMA press releases, signage at the conference and with special recognition during the Annual Awards Banquet.

How to apply:
Click here to download the Innovative Awards Form. Submittals must be received electronically by Oct. 15th.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

No matter how brilliant or hard-working we are, we cannot succeed without the help and cooperation from others. Read more.

Turf Rundown

USDA's Agricultural Research Service and Purdue University researchers are working together to develop biological controls that protect turfgrass against white grubs. Click here to learn about how the fungus Metarhizium brunneum is being evaluated for control of larval stages of Japanese, June, and other scarab beetles.

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