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Customized Banner for your Facility
Some sports turf managers have had great success with promoting their professionalism and facility management expertise through signage at their facility.
 Here is an example of a banner design. If you are interested in having a banner produced for your facility, contact We'll customize it to fit your needs (no cost to you) and offer recommendations on how and where to get it produced.

Event Fact Sheets
Are you frustrated by sports announcers spouting incorrect facts about athletic fields? STMA has a solution — an easy-to-fill-out Event Fact Sheet Template — that you or your communication's department can use to supply accurate and interesting information to the media.

The events that your facility hosts deserve recognition. Local newspapers, radio and television stations are interested, but you need to reach out and supply information to them. As you know, sports turf managers are in the event business. Whether you are preparing your field for your college's football opener, a high school's rival football game, or a weekend soccer tournament for dozens of out-of-town teams, hosting events provides tremendous value to your facility and to your community.

All media outlets have the names of their sports editors online. You can find their email addresses and send a personalized email with the Event Fact Sheet attached. Take a few minutes now to fill it out for your next event and garner the respect and recognition that you deserve. And, you'll be educating sports editors and announcers in your community about the art and science of sports field management. The more they know, the better they can report it, and you will set yourself up as an expert resource for them.

STMA Environmental Principles
STMA's Environmental Committee developed a set of environmental principles to help guide the work of sports field managers. The STMA Board of Directors subsequently adopted the principles and recommends that members also adopt them. The Principles are voluntary and are just a guide. Use them as a framework for your environmental stewardship. They are not step-by-step instructions; rather, they represent a philosophy of responsible and sustainable field management.

With increasing scrutiny about water use, field inputs and the heightened promotion to replace natural grass with synthetic fields, adopting your version of these guidelines may help to improve the level of awareness about your environmental performance. Customize them, as appropriate. Then post them and provide them to your communications department for publication. Your field users will better understand your commitment to preserving and protecting the environment. Once adopted, use this opportunity to promote your environmental stewardship by issuing a press release.

To access them for printing a copy, click here.
For a sample news release, click here.

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