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Additional Chapter Information
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Recruit New Members 

According to the recent Membership Survey, 60 percent of all STMA national members are also members of affiliated chapters. That leaves 40 percent who are primed for chapter membership. To find those National Members who are in your chapter area, access STMA’s on-line directory. Search by your state(s) and you will find a complete list of National Members. Cross reference those with your membership list and you will have a ready list from which to recruit for your chapter.


Make Certian Your Chapter Members Receive SportsTurf 

All chapter members are entitled to receive a complimentary subscription to SportsTurfMagazine. In order for your chapter members to receive the magazine, STMA must have your chapter-only members’ complete mailing information. Please send your current roster and updates regularly. SportsTurf subscriptions are initiated monthly. STMA does initiate subscriptions for those chapter-only members who pay their chapter dues through STMA.

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